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Guild Heritage

Spectre/Sacred could be considered one of the oldest guilds considering its core members have stood the test of time, even when guild names changed due to adaptation, or reinvention. Our first incarnation was as The Sacred Order, which was founded in March of 1995 by a local group of kids. We started by holding console competitions with one another. As the years passed, the face of the Sacred Order evolved. We expanded our horizons by forming an online gaming organization that plays multiple games.

In 2003, we decided to form a community centre called SPGN (Sacred Private Gaming Network) where members of the Sacred Order from various games could unite under a community that upholds the same principles as The Sacred Order. That site was not exclusive to the Sacred Order as we welcomed other guilds and alliances that pledged a commitment to these same principles. This is why the Sacred Order was formed. We have always hoped to be known for upholding a high standard and we expect our members to conduct themselves accordingly.

If you saw a Sacred Order member, you can bet they were a warm, welcoming person who is always looking to help promote a better gaming community by setting a high standard and adhering to it. The Sacred Order stands for the values of its name. We are made up of members that, over the course of time, have become more like close friends and family than just someone who plays a game with a group of people.

In 2008, The Sacred Order chosen to pursue a new Endeavor due to Solis needing less responsibility due to real life, and integrated with a previous friends who had formerly participated in an alliance lead by guild during the matrix online days. The guild integration went smoothly and soon we were one and known as The Exodus Syndicate. The first game played together, and the decision for integration was to unleash a level of play that was to be unmatched in Age of Conan. During this stint, Solis played a back seat role, going between member, to officer and house co lead, back to member while the guild was lead by Lexion, Genx, and SneakyJes.

Age of Conan had its shortcomings and by December of 2008, the guild had accomplished all it intended to, and officially moved on to began pre-launch support for a new game that was shortly announced and would eventually be called SWTOR. Over the course of time, and through significant contribution to The Exodus Syndicate community, Solis was eventually announced as a Co-Guild Leader with Lexion and Genx. In the interim games such as Aion, WoW (expansions were revisited). As time proceeded, a new officer rose in the ranks by the name of Acer. Several years passed of playing casual games, and having guild game nights while waiting still preparing for SWTOR, but in late 2010 the call was made to close The Exodus Syndicate. The reasoning was that it stood for excellence and hardcore game play, a function that its founder, Lexion could not maintain due to personal changes in real life. Due to the guild needing to change and become more casual, Solis and the group of hardcore, active members split. Some went with Solis to found Spectre, others fell off the face of the planet, while some made Terra Firma, and others chose to become more casual and helped to found Excision which would be lead by Lexion and Kable.

As Spectre (circa November 2010), Solis Fate, brought together 40 individuals to speak about a vision, direction, and purpose. The effect was that Solis was elected into the Council Guildmaster position for Spectre, along with fellow council staff Acer and Genx. From that point forward until the closing of Spectre in SWTOR in April 2012, Spectre accomplished everything it sought out to do as a guild entity that was focused on just one title, SWTOT. After the SWTOR stint was up, many in Spectre, including Solis wanted to return with former friends now that no new game was in sight, and the type of play style desired was similar, the community decided to reintegrate with old friends. This went along just fine until both parties discovered just how far they had grown apart. Rather then make things worse, Solis saw the writing on the wall and talked to those who had integrated, and wanted to just return to Spectre, even though the standards and play would not be what it was, but it would be better than creating undesirable outcomes for all parties involved.

From that point forward, until August of 2013, Spectre remained a distant shell of its past, and struggled after departing Excision. It was not that those times were bad, they just were different and not on the level of expectations and commitment, that Spectre had always stood for.

Though times may have changed the guild name, many are still together from the original days, and those who are not, is because gaming life and spare time are not friends. Others have focused on careers, and families, but the entire core have stayed in touch so that they can reunite when real life permits.

The history of Spectre/Sacred consists of years of decisions, both good and bad, that forged us into what we are today. Previous incarnations of Spectre/Sacred has held epic battles and the timeless struggle of good and evil. Legit players vs. illegitimate hackers. It is made up of hour's worth of huge events with friends.

Spectre/Sacred may at times have challenges to overcome as a guild, but each time, it is those challenges that made us better and increased our determination, displaying our will to succeed. We are all human and incidents may occur but they are always dealt with, learned from and we continue to move forward this very day.

Several members who were a part of the early days are still involved in the community, and some of those who are not, still keep in touch with Solis to this very day.

For those who may be curious, we have held a presence in the following games: Mu Online, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, Risk Your Life, Lineage II, Diablo II, Diablo III, Counter Strike, Counter Strike Source, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Mods, Quake III, Americas Army, Ragnarok Online, Mana World, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, Ultima Online, Bomb Game, Battlefield 1942, Tron Online, Dune 2000, UT2K4, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Aion, Age of Conan, Everquest, Everquest 2, League of Legends, Black Prophecy, Eve Online, Battlefield Series, Medal of Honor series, Call of Duty series, Planetside, Planetside 2, Perfect World, Silkroad Online, Rakion, among countless others.

Guild Structure

This phase of your application will last anywhere from a minimum of one week to however long it takes to prove that you are a fit for our guild. During this phase you will get to know our members and how we operate and we will get to know you.

At this stage you have made it to permanent status in the guild. Members enjoy all the benefits of being a part of the guild and gain access to the Guild-Only Discussions. You are still not involved in the decision making process, with few exceptions.
> Spectre Member: These are our hardcore-dedicated members with less time restraints.
> Sacred Member: These are our members who, while still competitive and skilled players, have more time restraints and play more casually.

Our officer corps assists the Council and the Branch Leaders to ensure each member’s in game experience more enjoyable. Officers will work side by side with the Council Members and Branch Leaders and are assigned to their specific roles in the guild.

Branch Leaders are long standing and trusted members of Spectre who have been appointed by the Guild Council to have full leadership of specific games, regardless of their rank. They are the ultimate decision makers in that game, and their will takes precedence over any specific guild rank. Once they are no longer leading that game (whether by choice or removal by Guild Council), or the game itself is abandoned, they return to their previous rank and title on the forums.

The Guild Council consist of three members who guide the guild as a whole, and assist in resolving conflicts and making decisions on any controversial matters that may arise. This is a position of appointment only. An outgoing Council Member will only be replaced by designation of the existing Council Members.

Basic Guidelines and Rules:

Guild before self: As a member of Spectre it is expected that you show respect to your fellow members and guild management and conduct yourself properly while wearing our guild tag. With us primarily being a PvP guild, if there is PvP and your help is needed/requested, then you should drop whatever you are doing and respond.

Dual Guild Membership: Spectre does not allow dual guild membership. If you are playing a different mmo / fps, than the focused ones in the community, then you are free to join another guild and retain your Spectre membership.

Donations requirement: We require in-game donations of resources during any active games (from all members). This allows us to apply resources towards the guild’s interests and progression. This also is a chance for newer members to prove the guild-before-self ideals.

VoIP: Spectre has a strict policy regarding VoIP. It is very simple, if you are in game you are in our VoIP server. If you are caught in-game and you are not on our VoIP server you will be given 1 warning. The Council Member or Officer that catches you will either give you are verbal warning or will PM you. They will then record the warning in the leadership section of the forums. On the 2nd offense you will be removed from the guild. We have a zero tolerance policy. If you cannot abide by this rule feel free to look for another guild.

Exploiting Game Mechanics: We do not condone exploiting of any kind in any game, regardless of whether it's the guild's main focused game or not. There will be zero tolerance for the use of hacks, exploits, glitches or cheats. The word of the developers is law. If you are caught cheating, there will be no judge or jury, you will be removed.

Official Guild Communication: All guild communication to an official gaming community will come from Guild leadership. Members are free to participate on any official forums as long as they speak for themselves and do not get involved in a conversation directed at the guild. If another guild or individual starts a derogatory thread directed at Spectre, just tell leadership and ignore it.

General Conduct: We do not condone trash talking, trolling, or general asshattery. Let your actions in the game speak for you. We expect everyone in this guild to act as adults, so if emotionally you cannot handle the typed words of a pixilated villain in a video game, then we are not going to be a good fit for you. We have a zero tolerance attitude for drama and people who cause drama, and we won't hesitate to remove good players who aren't a good fit for our community.

Discipline: Anyone violating our conduct policies will be dealt with quickly and directly. This is not a democracy, you don't get to talk to a lawyer or make a phone call. Our rules are clear and broad, but fundamentally, if you act maturely, you should not have a problem fitting in here. We are not paid to teach you how to tell right from wrong, so if you don't already know the difference you will be removed. End of discussion.

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