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  1. Welcome in Vayne!
  2. For sure. I will have my PC finished in December sometime before xmas. Will join up more actively then!
  3. Welcome back Narixe!
  4. Now if we could make Crucible make time
  5. By the way we are using a discord server that I setup ( Create an account, verify email, setup 2 factor authentication and notify me of your username so I can invite you to the server or one of the other guys can. Thanks.
  6. It's typically really good.
  7. We do some "team building" at work. Games (particularly FPS or RTS) are the types that compete for that slot so kinda repurposing some of that time ha! Otherwise I am right there with you! Haha, like it? It's good shiz. Gotta get you by the street taco place too!
  8. For FPS I was thinking maybe BF1, I will look back at Overwatch. We all need to meet soon to discuss vision/ideas, etc. I am building new rigs for Azril and I. We plan to do 4k gaming...
  9. Could not have said it any better. Others will be trickling in this week both here and on our discord server.
  10. The phoenix is a beautiful bird with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage. The myth of the phoenix is engaging and symbolic. This beautiful bird is said to live 500 years, and then, at the time of its death it creates a nest and while still in it, sets it on fire. Out of the fiery hot ashes of its own demise springs a new phoenix. Its life cycle never ends. Its mythical nature and its name have come to represent everlasting life, rebirth, resurrection and immortality along with such qualities as vision, great beauty, undying inspiration, awareness and more. A phoenix experience is the ulitmate change–a “dying” of the old, so the new can be born in and through you. The past few years we have all gone our separate ways, experiencing many things that exist in life. Some of us have married, others have had kids. Some have done both. Others have focused on their professional careers. At the end of the day, our paths, friendships and past time together have brought us all back together for one reason or another. Now is the time to rise again. Now is the time to forge a new path, a new direction, with a new approach and philosophy. We will navigate out of this new change together stronger than ever as we leverage our friendships and desire for fun as guiding principles going forward. Forever Spectre