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  2. Welcome in Vayne!
  3. Hey everyone. I finally got around to signing up on the boards. Not sure how much gaming I can get in these days with all my health issues, but I can atleast keep in touch. We'll see.
  4. For sure. I will have my PC finished in December sometime before xmas. Will join up more actively then!
  5. Thanks I have missed gaming with you all
  6. Welcome back Narixe!
  7. Narixe reporting in
  8. Meeting today - 12:00 pm EST - Daylight Saving Time - For the East Coasters
  9. Whats up Fuckers!!!! Skorp here! How has everyone been!?? Hope all is well with everyone and missed playing along side you guys.
  10. Hey guys, Let's meet a week before our official ESO Start date and get any questions answered.
  11. yo sneaky whats up bro
  12. Wow, who invited an asshole lol
  13. Now if we could make Crucible make time
  14. Ltns bud. No we just need that slacker Xlord.
  15. I came here and immediately saw Genx talking about New Kids on the Block so I almost left, but then I saw Lunt, fuck it I'm all in. What up boys
  16. Also discord has a free and good phone app as well
  17. Yo guys, looking forward to meeting up with you guys again.
  18. By the way we are using a discord server that I setup ( Create an account, verify email, setup 2 factor authentication and notify me of your username so I can invite you to the server or one of the other guys can. Thanks.
  19. I am sure, im ordering what he ordered, lol noodles to the roof with steak. But i give every place 3 tries.
  20. It's typically really good.
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